Khorasan Wheat (50 lb. bag) We will be moving away from only selling the Kamut brand. Please Click On Image To See A Much Better Option For This Grain.

As we strive to bring you the best grains that are available. We want to continue to provide you with either non-GMO, organically grown, or more importantly biologically grown crops. I want to make sure my relationship with our farms and other farms that we do business with are up to the standards that we hold. We feel it is important that you know that with Khorasan Wheat, it has been brought to my attention that other companies have become to big and are trying make us as consumer believe that there is only one option for you and legally trying to force us to accept only one brand. It is unfortunate because as we have seen with other grains, companies try to hold us farmers and grain lovers to only what they provide. Let’s make sure we don’t allow this to happen. Some companies try and buy up and register certain grains in hopes to corner a market which we believe only limits us in the long run. Some companies will buy up grains and genetically alter grains that were good and wholesome thinking they are helping make the grains better but take grains that should be able to grow and reproduce naturally and alter them for their gain and what I believe is to our demise. While others take the grains and even though that may grow the grains how they should be grown but try to force us to only be able to buy their grains and try to legally bind us to their contracts forcing their standards on us which totally force us into their grains which drive up cost and make us believe there brand is the only brand. I am hoping to educate everyone and will do so now especially with this wonderful variety of grain (Khorasan Wheat). Helping you realize what some companies are trying to do with this grain. We need to stop it now and realize what Khorasan Wheat is. It’s not a brand name like others you may see or have used out their. They are forcing us to believe there is only one kind out their and that is not true. Some companies have started out with great intentions but when the all mighty dollar takes hold, They lose sight of what is correct and have created a major disconnect between us as the consumer. We have been forced even after complying whole heartedly, believing the variety they produce was up to our standards and tried to tell us they are not threatening us but on the other hand tried to tell us to sign contracts (They try and get you by saying they are free) but are flexing their muscles like big government does and tried to tell us what we need to do with a grain they thought they controlled and will try and make you think they control by making you sign contracts which we know will only limit us in the long run. It is a scary time and we need to see everything that is going on with farming in America and reveal to everyone the wolves dress in sheep’s clothing. Lets do things right and educate everyone on what this grain really is (Khorasan Wheat) and not a registered brand name that comes with legal repercussions if we don’t just fall into their ways of business. Farming should and can be done by any one both big and small and believe me, if they think you’re small, will try and force you out. Just a word of advice to any of you using a brand name of Khorasan Wheat, watch out now and don’t fall into their traps. We don’t even dare put the registered brand name we are talking about because we have already felt their pressure at a legal level trying force things on us that we know you do not want and we will never have a part with. We will promise to bring you great products from farmers who have no intentions of forcing you only their varieties. Just like the huge problems we are seeing with corn in the United States, we do not want to happen to our wheat. Please feel free to contact us concerning this matter and we will be contacting every one of our sources warning them of things that are happening with Khorasan Wheat. Do not sign a single contract, even if they state they are free, when is comes to Khorasan Wheat. There are plenty of options and we will be educating you on which ones they are.    

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