About Us

West Mountain Wheat was started in the Fall of 2009 when two farm boys decided they could offer a service to their communities by using their resources and their farming back ground to offer the best quality grains and by bringing whole grains straight from the farms to your homes.  In doing so we have found we can offer the highest quality, lowest prices, and continuing great service.  We provide wholesale pricing right to the public. Evans Farms located in Lake Shore, Utah is where we started, but with our farms starting in Utah to Idaho gives us a variety of excellent products grow in prime growing conditions.  We know what it takes to give you quality. Rock Permann from Rockland Idaho and the Evans' from Lake Shore Utah has made this a unique way for public to get all varieties of grains from organic or non-organic to biologically grown products. We hope to not only provide excellent product for a variety of reasons.  We want to help people learn how we can use these grains in our everyday lives.  We look forward offering this service to everyone.